Friday, 7 October 2011

Hiatus Status

Ok, I've been bad. No I've been kind of very bad- and lazy. I gave up on blogging after two measly attempts and I'm ashamed of myself. However, after a few kicks up the bum (cough cough, Debbie, Amoy) I've decided to come out of hiding and make this blog the best it can be! With a fresh blog platform and a fresh start I'll be dedicating this blogspace to:

  • Student fashion on a student budget
  • Beauty
  • And life and its general findings

So stick with me. Stick with me and i'll stick with it, I promise. In fact - I pinky swear ;)

Love Keeks xo


1 comment

  1. Well done Kesh. I'm looking forward to the new blogs and updates on what's available on a student budget. X


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