Thursday, 20 October 2011

Nail Or Never

Have been super-duper busy this week, so much stuff going on! Not least the mahoosive workload that I realised I have from Uni – basically, reading reading and some more reading! But you know what they say - Prose before Hoes – so I’ve had to buckle down.

So you know I was basically saying that I can’t wear nail polish to work, well I thought I had work last weekend, but I got to the station phoned them and it turned out that I didn’t (I know, annoying) and I was so elated, over this past week I’ve gotten a little nail polish happy and tried some patterns and ombre nails in blue. I love ombre nails, the pink nails are from a while ago but I thought I’d pop it in anyway.

I since I took these pictures I’ve changed my polish again (I told you! Polish Happy!). It’s now in Green Room by Topshop, a gorgeous Turquoisey Green that you can get right here.

I will try and do another post asap but I have so much coursework due in so soon!

Anyho, hope you had a gorgeous week,

Love Keeks xo


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