Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Feelin' Feline

Ring - Cheap Frills // Jumper - Topshop

Absolutely nothing can brighten up a dreary morning more than when a package you’ve been waiting for arrives.

I experienced said joy when the ring that I ordered from Cheap Frills arrived whilst I was eating my breakfast. And who could resist such a cutely packaged little parcel!

I only came across the Cheap Frills website last week and I immediately wanted everything on the site. I’m an accessories kinda girl, and all the pieces are so pretty, intricate and detailed that it took all the will in the world not to purchase everything!

Finally I decided on just one thing (poor student alert!) and I’m head over heels in love with this Cat Ears ring! It’s so different to the rest of my collection yet looks great when I mix and match. My mum also pointed out that it would be useful in self-defence. Pretty and practical, Perfect!

If you haven’t checked out Cheap Frills yet then I urge you to hop to it! You’re bound to find a gem like I did!

Happy Wednesday,

Love Keeks xo


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