Wednesday, 28 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Presents - Day 2

Todays present is the thing I've been dying for, for God knows how long!! My Michael Kors watch!

This beauty was a birthday/Christmas present from my boyfriend, and I love it so much I don't mind that it's a joint present. (My birthday's tomorrow FYI! Yippee!)

I'm so eager to wear it but I have to take a few links out as it's huge around my wrist, but I can't wait to accessorise my outfits with it. My other gold watch, which I wore all the time like here and here, was a lot more feminine, whereas this one is bigger and more masculine.

Believe me, you'll be seeing this baby very often around here! You can purchase your own here. Anyway, I'm off to pick a birthday outfit for tomorrow, Toodlepip my loves!

Love Keeks xo

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