Sunday, 25 December 2011

Faux Christmas

Seen as it's Christmas day, I thought I'd post a few pics of the Christmas dinner my friends and I had at my lovely friend Emma's house on Monday night. Emma and I cooked and decorated with a little help from my other friendino Tenishia and it definitely made me appreciate how much effort goes into cooking a Christmas dinner!

It was so lovely seeing everyone again, with us all being off/back from uni and we all ate, drank and played games (getting a little over-competitive at times).

It was a gorgeous evening, however it was a little bit marred by the fact that night I was violently sick with the Norovirus - vomming all that delicious dinner back up - lovely.

I have to say, today's dinner trumped the one we cooked tenfold, and I got a tad spoilt with gifts, hopefully with some more to come for my birthday in 4 days (eeeeeeeek!), which I'll post about asap!

Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas day and enjoy the festive season! roll on the 29th!

Love Keeks xo

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