Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pink Appeal.

Lipstick - Topshop

This blogpost is loooong overdue! Just had so much uni work and an exam and Christmas stuff and blah blah blah… basically I’ve been slacking!

Anyway, I was out Christmas shopping the other day and was in Topshop – BIG mistake... I personally don’t think any girl can go into Topshop without wanting 99% of everything in there. I’m pretty proud of how restrained I was, walking out with one little lipstick (gives self pat on the back).

It’s a beaut of a lipstick as well! It’s in the colour ‘All About Me’ and was £8. The colour definitely isn’t something I’d usually go for because it’s so bright and I fear that I’ll look like a clown, but I wanted to give it a try – and I’m glad I did. It makes a great statement lip if paired with a natural face. I think it’s one for all skin tones, however I must warn you, it appears a lot more pink in real life than it photographs.

I think I’ll be wearing this throughout the festive season as a cheeky alternative to the abundance of red. Anyway, I must get back to the present wrapping,

Have a lovely Saturday! (This time next week it’ll be Christmas eve!!)

Love Keeks xo


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