Thursday, 1 December 2011

OOTD - Slubby Wednesdays

Jumper - Topshop // Shorts - Primark // Clock Ring - Accessorize
Jacket - Topshop // Bag - Mulberry // Shoes - Office
(Bracelets are an assortment of gifts from abroad)

Sometimes there are days when you absolutely can't be arsed to squeeze into a pair of skinnies or some delicate blouse. For me, yesterday was that day, however, if I'm at home all day, I still prefer getting dressed rather than just beng in my p.js, it make me feel more motivated, even if it's into a massive jumper and leggings, or in the case of yesterday, some slouchy shorts and a slubby jumper (unless its Christmas/ the weekend/ I'm ill).

This jumper is my absolute fave at the moment I've worn it to death, but it's just so comfy and easy to throw on with anything! It was £26 and I'd say I wear it about twice a week whether it's out and about or just around the house, so it's totally worth it! The shorts I bought forever ago from Primark and were about a tenner and they're also super easy to wear throughout the year.

I did my nails again yesterday as I don't have work for about two weeks (yaaay!). I'm still loving painting my ring fingers with a sparkly top coat, so I painted them a deep plum/Black by O.P.I called 'Siberian Nights', with the sparkly top coat Rimmel London's '500 Disco Ball'.

When I popped out in the day I just slipped on my old Topshop suede jacket with my Mulberry 'Roxanne'.

Hope you're having a fab evening guys,

Love Keeks xo


  1. i love wearing tights with shorts and glitter over black

  2. Same! shorts with tights makes your wardrobe wearable all year round!x


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