Monday, 30 January 2012


Denim Shirt - Primark // Jumper - Lyle & Scott

Leggings - Topshop // Brogues - Office // Watch - Michael Kors

I need some new leggings. I officially can’t wear these leggings outside the house anymore, I’ve worn them to death, but I can’t seem to find any that feel as lovely and snuggly and stretchy as mine *sad face*. However, I’m officially on the hunt for some replacements as these only have a few more wears left, and I live in these when I’m slubbing around the house.

I cannot wear ‘clothes clothes’ when I’m indoors, like jeans etc, they make me feel a bit rigid and uncomfortable sitting at the computer or on the sofa, but in the same breath, I can’t wear p.js all day if I’m trying to be productive, I end up falling asleep or watching 7 hours of Friends; alas the legging is a perfect alternative.

I team them with a slouchy jumper, this time it was my trusty grey Lyle and Scott V-neck, and because today was exceptionally cold at home, I layered up with my denim shirt underneath.

My kitchen is being painted at the moment, so I popped out to the shop to get some fresh air away from the strangling paint fumes, and slipped on my brogues. Looking back at the pictures is making me realise how much of a granddad look I channeled today…

Anyhow I’m finally back at Uni (yaay?!) and the reading has begun, so I better get going as 'Fin de Si├Ęcle' beckons. Have a fabulous evening my lovelies!

Love Keeks xo



  1. You look lovely :)
    I get my plain black leggings from topshop now , they are soooo comfy and easy to wear :)
    Em xx

    1. Thank you! :)
      Yeah that's where I got these, but the ones in there at the moment don't feel the same, but I'm just being picky I think. I'm gonna get some new ones asap :)

  2. this outfit is lovely i love the jumper and the shoes are amazing xx


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