Thursday, 2 February 2012

Floral&Lace Transformer

Kimono - New Look// Vest and Skirt - H&M
Ring - Topshop // Watch - Michael Kors

I love the intricacy of the lace trim and the delicate flower print of this Kimono/cardigan. I got it last year from the Limited Edition section of New Look, a place I don’t shop often, but I fell in love with the pretty delicacy of it.

With the short bat-wing-esque sleeves, I find I can’t really wear it out as much as I like because it doesn’t wear well under jackets, but it’s a great key piece (or as I like to call it, a transformer) to have in your wardrobe especially looking forward to Spring, as it can really change a boring outfit, such as the plain black vest and jersey skirt I’m wearing underneath. Having a few transformers in your wardrobe is handy if you have to economise your wardrobe as they’re great to mix&match and layer with the basics.

As a sidenote, recently I’ve been doing my make-up super simple, even leaving out the eyeliner on occasion and tried to just go for the ‘healthy glow’ look, and I’ve found that returning to my Bobbi Brown Port Rouge for Lips and Cheeks has achieved the best result. The one I’m wearing in the last picture is Cabo Coral 21 and I’ve definitely fallen back in love with it.

Hope you guys have a lovely evening! (It’s Friday tomorrow wahoooo!)

Love Keeks xo

*P.S I’ve become a student ambassador for Motel Rocks, which I’m so excited about and will update my blog with links and posts regarding anything I do as an ambassador!*

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