Thursday, 3 May 2012

Skincare Renewal

I have weird skin. It’s mostly dry but gets oily around my chin and the sides of my nose; I’m just putting it out there. So I always have difficulty hydrating my face and neck and getting the right moisture balance!

However I’ve heard some great things about the Beautiful Skin range by No 7 at Boots so I thought I’d try it out, as it’s not expensive and is easy to get hold of – plus the 3 for 2 offer was still on! – So I choose these three products. Two are from the dry/very dry range and ones from the normal/oily range to even out my skin. I bought these products about three weeks ago but I wanted to use them for a couple of weeks to really get an idea of how good they are.

A cleanser was the main thing on my agenda when I set out for some new skincare products, however I didn’t have a cream formula in mind, I prefer cleansers that feel more like a wash than a moisturiser as I hate the feeling of heavy products on my skin. I was perusing the selection of foaming cleansers and melting gel cleansers but the lovely lady on the No 7 counter assured me that if my skin ever feels tight then the dry/very dry range would suit me best and that the cleansing balm was a must; and she was so right! What I do is I wash my face with a foaming face wash, pat it dry and squeeze a bit into my palm, then work it into my skin with my fingertips. I then get a couple of cotton pads and wipe away the residue from my face and neck. I’m not going lie, I wouldn’t be able to use this then put on moisturiser on top as it would leave me skin feeling way to clogged up, well for me anyway; but I’ve being cleansing with it, then going straight to bed and it works perfectly as a moisturiser too!

Warning - this day cream is very thick; however once it’s sunk in it leaves your skin super supple and makes it feel really moisturised. It doesn’t have a strong scent, which I like in face cream; it just has a hint of rosewater I think. Sometimes I switch my routine around and use this as a night cream, as it honestly feels more like a night cream because of the the thickness . However, you’d think that, because it’s for dry/very dry skin it would maybe be a bit on the greasy side but once it has sunk in it leaves your skin really soft. Either way it’s a good product, although it’s probably my least favourite purchase out of the three.

This is the product that I got free and I’m so glad I chose this! It’s a part of the Normal/Oily range which isn’t my skin type but as I said I get really oily areas on my face, like around my nose and chin (attractive) so I thought I’d give this a go and see if it helps it out. On the back of the tube it says to use once or twice a week, so I wash my face with a foaming cleanser then use this, concentrating on my oily areas. Straight after you dry you face your skin feels so soft, sometimes with other exfoliators my skin feels tight and dry afterwards; but this one is great. I think that using it twice a week is enough, like every three days, anymore and I think you would aggravate your face because the beads are quite large.

Pheeew that was a long post! But I really wanted to give as full a review as possible (plus make up for the lack of posts lately)!

I’m going to post a lot more now that I’ve finished uni ‘til September (yay!), I handed in my last pieces of coursework today and I almost did a little dance outside the hand-in desk!

Anyway, I will be back very soon


Love Keeks xo


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  1. I am getting horrendous skin at the moment! It's fine when I hide it with make up, but underneath all of it, I am having problems! This review is really helpful and I am keen to try these products (anything to fix my skin!) x


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