Saturday, 11 August 2012

Origins Brightening Musts

Well hello there, it’s been a while, you must forgive my blogging absence, with a mixture of work and sickness I have completely neglected my blog :( Sorry.

Anyhow, I’m back with a bit of a skincare review today. I bought the above set from John Lewis a few months ago, but I wanted to wait before I reviewed it so I could give each product a chance and to see if I could see a result. The pack was £27 I believe, so it seemed like a good deal as the VitaZing moisturiser is full size and the other two items are like luxury sample sizes and the pack costs the same as a single Vitazing moisturiser on the Origins website. I was in the John Lewis on Oxford Street last week and the set was still available, but I’m going to get on and tell you my thoughts on the products…

I heard so much about this on different blogs and Youtube channels, I thought I’d try it out as I wanted a new moisturiser and everybody seems to rave about it. It has a ‘sheer tint release’ that’s suppose to brighten you skin and adds radiance to your face with the Mangosteen extract in it (??). This moisturiser really confuses me as I don’t actually find it highly hydrating, it actually clings to the drier parts of my skin when I put it straight on after cleansing, for me it works a lot better if I put it on after allowing a day cream to sink into my skin, but I have a feeling that it’s a bit patchy because it isn’t to suited to darker skin, although I was told that its for all skin tones.

When I put it on I apply a pea size amount to the back of my hand, and then have to really work that little amount into my skin in order for it to blend in properly and not leave a grey tinge to my face, and this seems to work, but I just think putting on a face moisturiser shouldn’t be such a palaver. I definitely think this is a product where you should ask for a tester and try it out in your skincare and make up routine at home to see if it agrees with your skin type and colour. At the Origins counters they are often really helpful, and happy to give out testers, the lady I spoke to actually offered me a sample of it but I was so eager I just went for it (D’oh).

I hadn’t actually heard anything about this product before, and I don’t understand why, it’s amazing! It’s so good and strange at the same time. It’s an exfoliator, but without any harsh exfoliation beads, instead it uses rice starch and is in a thick white paste. Basically I clean my face and pat it dry so that it’s damp and work it into my skin massaging it well, then add water, little by little, lathering it up then rinsing it off. Afterwards my face feels really hot, especially around my mouth, in fact the first time I used it, I thought I was having a bad reaction to it, but I’ve read review where people have said it feels tingly after, so I’m not alone. But the most important thing is the way it makes your face feels! Oh my sweet Lord, my face feels sooo ridiculously soft, smooth and silky once I dry it, I can’t help but stroke my face repeatedly. I would highly recommend this, especially if you have sensitive and/or dry skin like me, and don’t like harsh exfoliators.

Now I’ve never used an eye cream before, I don’t have really puffy eyes and wasn’t really concerned about my eye area in my teens. But as I’m getting older I figure it’s about time I gave a little love to my eye area. This eye cream says that it should be used in the morning to brighten and depuff the eye area. Now I’m no expert on the subject, but I really haven’t seen any ‘wow’ results after using this eye cream, but I think this might be because my eyes aren’t really a problem area so it’s a bit redundant for me. I can say though, that when this is applied, it makes my under eyes for really silky, but I wouldn’t say the appearance is any different.

I hope this review is helpful. Have any of you girlies tried any of these products, what did you think of them?

Love Keeks xo


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