Sunday, 2 September 2012

One Dress, Two ways...

Dress - Topshop

Outfit 1
Jacket - Zara // Bag - Mulberry // Shoes - Topshop // Ring - Primark

Outfit 2 
Denim Shirt, Necklace, Boots, Bag - All Topshop // Watch - Michael Kors // Ring & Tights - Primark

Hey girlies,

I bought this sleeveless shirt dress in the Topshop sale on an impulse as it was, a.) half price and b.) soooo pretty! but I neglected to think a.) I don't own much white because I'm extremely clumsy and b.) I'll probably never wear it...

I haven't worn it.

But that's only because I was scared, scared I'd stain it, scared I wouldn't find anything in my wardrobe to wear with it and scared it's a bit of a one season wonder. So I thought I'd alleviate my fears by dedicating a blogpost to it, to prove to myself that I can wear it! And although I 100% will spill something on this at some point in time, for now I'll enjoy it's versatility!

Love Keeks xo


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