Sunday, 30 September 2012

What's in my Bag: Intern Edition.

Why Hello there!

I feel like I haven’t been on here for yonks (well, I haven’t), but I seriously don’t think I have been more tired than I have in the past week.

It was my first week back at uni and my last week interning for now so the two overlapping meant getting up for all morning lectures then going straight to the office and trying to do my reading when I got home. By the time I got in in the evening, I was like an actual walking zombie. Regardless, I’m so excited for my final year (and pooping my pants in equal measure) and I enjoyed interning so much and even more when I got to hang out with the lovely Liv!

I mentioned in my previous outfit post that I would do a post about what I take in my bag when I intern, so I thought, seen as I just finished, no better time than the present. I’ve done a few work experience stints at different magazines so I know a bit about what it’s like generally, but I am by no means an interning extraordinaire so I didn’t want to do a big “this is what happens at work experience/interning” post. I just thought that if anybody that reads my little blog is thinking about doing any kind of work experience in the media, telling you what I brought in might be helpful. Or you might just be a bit nosey, like me. Either one. 

So these are the main things but not everythaaang….

Purse – No brainer really…

Pens – I always try to bring an array because you will lose at least one. And I bring a bright one to write to-do’s. I’m such a kid.

Diary – I find having an actual diary/planner rather than relying on my phone, is better.

Notebook – This is so key for me as when I get a task I always write it down, even if I’m going to do it straight away. Writing down your task and the instructions and having them to hand, means that if you forget a part of it you don’t have to bother that person who gave it to you again. Intern brownie points. 

Phone – Again a no brainer but not just because you always bring your mobile around with you; if you have a smart-phone you can use your camera instead of also bringing a digital camera around with you. When I went on a shoot at the beginning of the month, we used my iPhone to take the little “behind the scenes” photos of the shoot for the contents page for the magazine. Also the maps! This was such a lifesaver for me at that same shoot.  I had no clue where the studio was once I got off of the bus and had it not been for Maps I would have been ridunkulously late.

Earphones – Essential especially if you’re at a features desk as you’ll probably have to do some transcribing of interviews from time to time, so having earphones on you means you’ll always be prepared.

Phone Charger – If you’re using your phone for the camera and the maps, calls, texts, emails, the web, facebook, twitter and playing bubble blitz mania on your lunch-break, your battery life will obviously suffer, so bringing a charger around with you means that you don’t have to worry about that little diddy battery going red.

Umbrella – Because at some point it will rain on your way into the office, and you don't want to arrive with the sexy drowned rat look. 

Lip Balm – Low maintenance and keeps your lips from flaking. Yay, win win.

Deodorant – Smelly interns will not be asked back.

Vaseline – Used this as hand salve, there’s something about offices that make them really dry. I blame to Air-con.

Hand Gel – Because London’s dirty and public transport’s dirty.

Obviously what’s in you handbag is subjective and different for everyone, but this is what I found useful to bring with me, it would add to it slightly from day to day and in regards to make-up I would sometimes carry powder with me. Well I would try to remember to bring powder but most of the time I’d forget. Like I forgot to put it in the photo. Darn.

There is also usually a book floating around in there along with receipts I haven’t put in my purse, tissues from coffee shops, pennies and a few old skittles. I tell you this in case you thought my bag is kept as neat as this picture makes it seem.

This post is really quite long so I’ll stop here.

Love Keeks xo


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  1. Vaseline, a diary and a water bottle is literally all I need in my life... Am totally getting the pink bubbly onee xo


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