Friday, 26 October 2012

Studs and Stripes

Jumper - Primark // Denim Shirt - Vintage (Customised, Studs from Ebay)
Disco Pants - American Apparel // Shoes - Bank
Bag - Mulberry // Rings - Topshop & Primark 

I permanently borrowed the denim shirt I'm wearing from my mum, it's sleeveless and has a huge bleach stain down one side, so I had no clue how to style it, but I knew I had to keep it. One reason: I friggin' love the collar, the tips are so pointed, I knew I wanted to make something of them so I studded it with studs I picked up from Ebay for cheap cheap. 

The jumper I'm wearing is mega old from Primark, but they've brought it back this A/W in different colours. I've got my eye on the cream and blue one...

Hope you all have a good Friday (TGIF and all that), although I have work tomorrow, I'm so excited to see James Bond tonight with the parents!

Love Keeks xo


1 comment

  1. You look gorgeous, and I love the way you've styled the disco pants! Am wearing mine for the first time today... xo


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