Thursday, 18 July 2013

My 5 Go To Summer Nail Shades.

Left to Right
Essie - Mint Candy Apple // Leighton Denny - I Love Juicy
Nails Inc - Ebury Bridge // Nails Inc - Westferry Circus
Rimmel Lycra Pro - 312 Ultra Violet

Everybody has their go to summer nail polishes don't they? The pastels and the neons that are perfect to accessorise bright, light summer clothes. Well these are mine...

Essie - Mint Candy Apple - The shade that everybody loves! Even though I can go for just one coat if I'm in a rush, two coats look best. It's a colour that I find looks different on ever skin tone. 

Leighton Denny - I Love Juicy - This is my only Leighton Denny and I got this shade ages ago when I was given it at Instyle magazine when I was there for work experience. It's kind of hard to apply evenly and you definitely need at least two coats, but once applied properly it's the most beautiful bright neon-y coral ever! 

Nails Inc - Ebury Bridge - This is probably my favourite blue nail polish from my little collection. It's such a weird blue though, because sometimes to me it looks like a milky blue with a hint of purple and other times it's like a lilac-y blue. Who knows! On a negative note though it chips like a mother-mother so it's definitely a two coat jobby.

Nails Inc - Westferry Circus - the above negative applies to this baby. I'm guessing same brand same formula. But on a more positive note this is the most gorgeous coral there is! I actually bought the set of minis this came in just for this colour (true story - I'm that weird). I have the cult Barry M coral Peach Melba but it's way too light for my skin colour to achieve the look I wanted. I actually think it made my hands look odd. but that may have just been me. 

Rimmel Lycra Pro - 312 Ultra Violet - Ahhh my favourite nail polish formula of all time! Rimmel Lycra Pro polishes glide on with ease and you really only need one coat with this colour. It's striking without being too bright, it's the best summer bright lilac, not too milky, not too dark. 

Love Keeks xo 



  1. I love that Essie polish! Definitely one of my go to shades too xo

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