Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What On A Wednesday #1

So, this is something new for the ol’ blog. I really have been meaning to start a weekly feature-y thingy for so long but had no idea what to do, but eventually I came up with something and alas What On A Wednesday was born.

What is What On A Wednesday? I hear you mutter. Well it’s my chance to talk about something that’s happened, I’ve tried, maybe something that’s changed, anything really, a sort of weekly catch-up if you will. A mid-week musing.

So I’m slightly ill right now as I type, but up ‘til now I’ve been embracing the autumnal turn the weather has taken. And this has been very apparent in the return of berry lips. The combo I have on in these pictures is a mixture of Topshop Lip crayon in Suspect and a slick of MAC’s Deep Attraction. 

Also in the past week I have been loving my clip-in hair. While I am trying to stay clear of the weave situation after it damaged my hair reaaaaal bad, now that my hair is at a length that I’m relatively happy with I thought I’d try a clip-in now and again. In the above pictures I’m wearing one weft of remy hair that I cut to blend in with my hair length and sewed the clips on to myself (way cheaper then buying pre-clipped pieces). Clipping in the weft means that there’s less damage to my actual hair because I can take it out so there’s less strain on that section of hair then if it was sewn in.

This week I have the week off of interning so I’m kind of just chilling like a villain, these impromptu showers are making it difficult to take any outfit pics! #bloggerprobs.

Love Keeks xo 

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