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Keeks Meets - Lawson

Andy - Ryan - Me - Adam - Joel

So a couple of weeks ago when I was interning at Notebook the Sunday Mirror magazine, I got to interview the seriously lovely boys from Lawson. My little interview ran in yesterdays issue, so I thought that today I'd pop the longer version up on the blog in case any of you wanted to read it!

First things first, your new single is called Juliet, who is Juliet?

Andy – She's no one in particular…

Joel – Because we're all from quite small towns, when you come to London, there seems to be this thing with really rich guys sit in a booth with loads of fit girls around him and you don't have to be a psychologist to work out what's going on. It's just gold-diggers.

Obviously beautiful Kelly Brook stars in your video, be honest, did any of you try it on?

Andy – Definitely, I mean who wouldn't?

Joel – I'm going to be honest I didn't think I was worthy, just kind of enjoyed her being there.

Andy- She's way out of our league. But, yeah I gave it a good go we got on really well actually on the day, she's a great girl, really fun to be with, obviously incredibly attractive so hopefully we'll see each other again in the future.

Adam – I'm far too uncool and awkward!

Ryan - We're nervous wrecks! It's Kelly Brook! Honestly, I'm far too uncool, I would have tried and come across so badly it would have been unbelievable!

On to some Halloween appropriate questions… What is the most petrified you've ever been?

Joel – when the woman bit me! We did a gig in Gibraltar and I was walking back, and this girl nudged me and said 'hey you guys were really awesome I thoroughly enjoyed the show' and I was like 'aww thanks so much I hope we come back to Gibraltar soon to do another show' and she went 'here's something to remember me by' and she grabbed my arm and sunk her teeth into the back of my arm.

What did you do?

Joel – I ran, our tour manager just grabbed me and the lads were all just like 'what the hell!' and crowded around and pushed me into this bar, and I had a whisky to calm my nerves and then carried on with my evening. She didn't break the skin luckily, I kept saying 'did she break the skin? Did she break the skin?' Shitting myself. She was a woman in her twenties!

Andy – When we were recording the album we stayed in a haunted house next door. And we were told before we went in that Mumford and Sons lasted a night, we lasted three nights. It was just the most horrific experience of my life. Every night in bed I was just having nightmares, and I could just feel someone in the room with me all the time.

Joel – His brother came and stayed one night, we hadn't said anything to him and he woke up the next morning and was like I'm not staying in here again!

Andy - he was just like, this place is weird. Adam and I shared a room and Joel and Ryan shared a room. One night I woke up at four in the morning from a nightmare and the whole room was trashed, like there was the desk against the wall, the chair was flung on the floor and all our clothes from our suitcases were all over the floor. I woke up literally petrified and I grabbed Adam, he woke up and was like ‘oh my god’ what's happened. Anyway, this wasn't the works of a ghost, Joel and Ryan, sneaked into our room and none of us heard them! And I'm a light sleeper I would have heard, they were that quiet, and I was literally crying.

What is the darkest thing you've ever done?

Andy – it's not scary but one bad moment I had was when I was back at my mum and dads house during Christmas or something, and I was in my bed, and my bed gets pushed up against the wall and I'd been out that night and I had come home and I was pretty pissed. I really wanted to be sick but I didn't make it to the toilet in time and I was sick all down the wall and obviously I was that drunk I just forgot about it and it had all gone hard and it was stuck to the wall and the carpet and I had to push the bed away, even now 6 or 7 years on you can still see the stain of where I was sick. My mum was fuming, because it's nice carpet. I spent three or four hours the next day trying to clean it up hungover.

What is the best fancy dress outfit you've ever donned?

Joel – the best and the worst was when we had a gig in Liverpool on Halloween, so I dressed up as George Harrison. It seemed fitting. I wore the wig, suit, boots and even the guitar. But it was Andy's stuff from when he used to do Beatles tribute bands when he was younger and I mean 15/16, so when I put them on for the first time, which was just before the encore, I had ten minutes, if that, to get ready. I couldn't get the trousers around my waist, it was horrible, I had to walk out with my flies open pulling my jeans up while I was playing.

If you had to cuddle up to a celebrity lady to watch a horror film, who would it be?

Ryan – there's too many!

You can have a sofa full, so five?

Ryan – Rita Ora, Marina Diamandis (from Marina and the Diamonds), Jessie J, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, it would be a great movie night.

Adam – Katy Perry would also be on my couch I'd cloned her. I'd also have Lucy Hale, Mila Kunis she'd be SO on there...

Ryan – Oh God yeah!

Adam – Who else... You've got to be very careful about who you're letting on to this couch. I'd have Foxes, she's quite hot.

You could probably get her as well...

Adam – I like the way you say that like all of the rest are out of the question! So harsh! Thanks a lot for breaking my dream!

But if you don't think you can get Kelly Brook, I mean if you haven't got that kind of attitude, you won't be able to make a move on Katy Perry!

Adam - It’s true. My last one would be Jessica Alba, because she still has a big place in my heart.

I read somewhere that Joel is afraid of belly buttons. Have the rest of you got any other weird phobias?

Ryan – Adam's scared of birds.

Adam – I'm alright outside unless there's loads of birds flying at me and then I'm shit scared, but if there was a pigeon trapped in this building now I'd be hiding underneath this chair. I hate anything that flaps, butterflies, bats in an enclosed space. We did an interview in America and they knew I was scared of birds and they bought in a massive fucking parrot!

Ryan – Mines spiders, I can't deal with spiders. I'm literally not scared of anything except spiders. Well, spiders and dentists! Mix the two together and I don't know what I 'd do.

Chapman Square Chapter II is out now, and personally I think you should buy it.

Love Keeks xo 


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