Monday, 21 October 2013


Cardigan and Jeans - Primark // Shirt -Vintage // Vest - Topshop // Green Bracelet - Gift // Spiked Bracelet - Asos // Necklace - Accessorize 

I mean, every girl in England has/needs that slouchy hobo-esqe cardigan that they throw on for 'can't be asked days', don't they? I thought so. Well this is my new one, as my old one was breaking apart at an alarming speed, and I was basically one wear away for being mistaken for an actually hobo and being offered small change. 

This one is super comfy and a steal at £14. I had my eye on one in Topshop that was over double the price but luckily spotted this one the same day. 

It's basically like a blanket with sleeves. And what more could you want from a cardi on the drearier Autumn days?

Love Keeks xo

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