Monday, 9 December 2013

A Grown-Up Coat

Coat - Oasis // Jeans - Topshop // Top - H&M // Boots - Topshop

So it had to happen. I'm almost a fully fledged adult on the career ladder and that so it was about time I started to look a bit more adult-like; well at least sometimes right? So since I started my job I've been on the look out for my perfect coat. I had a few requirements it had to meet...

- No wacky colours
- Midway between bum and knee-length 
- Not too many bells and whistles
- No hood 
- Not collarless

You know, just a few. 

Now, I don't often venture into Oasis (I actually don't know why) and technically I didn't see this in Oasis, it was on Asos. Do ever see something that you really really like, but can't bring yourself to buy it, so you just go back to the site and look at it everyday? Well that's what I did. I'd gotten so used to being a scrimpin' student that I literally couldn't bring myself to buy it! 

It wasn't until I past the Oasis store on Argyll St and decided to try it on on a whim that I fell absolutely in love. It's so me yet unlike me at the same time. LOVE. 

Love Keeks xo

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