Sunday, 1 December 2013

Where Have I Been?

My new favourite hat, guyz

Oh hai there!

It's been so so so long! And I've been an awful blogger. I know.

But I have a couple of legit excuses why I've been absent. So I graduated university, finally! Why our ceremony is in November when I finished in June, I'll never understand. 

It was awesome, if a little boring at times. I mean you have to sit through hundreds of other grads going up on stage and shaking the Honaries' hand....  *yawn* but the fact that wearing your cap and robe makes you feel like a superhero with the power of superhuman intelligence (ha!), definitely makes up for it. 

Also... I GOT A JOB! I've started my career, like my actual grown up career! Can you believe? I can't. I have thee funnest job ever where I get to write about hair, beauty and fashion all day long with the nicest editors and I definitely feel like the luckiest girl ever right now. But having a job where I get home after the sunsets every weekday makes it so hard to blog anything decent at the moment. I know it's possible, I mean my colleague does it everyday! (she's amazing) I think I've got to get use to it and establish a routine. 

I'll do it. 

Love Keeks xo


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