Sunday, 16 February 2014

Nails - A Nude Thing.

I love a good nude... polish; they're are so versatile and wearable season to season. That said, when I love something, I tend to go a little crazy, so when it came to choosing the colours to feature in this post, I had to narrow them down to the seven before your eyes, the seven most different nudes. 

It sounds weird, and I'm pretty sure that if you're not a beauty obsessive then you will see seven pretty similar colours in front of you, but no, no, no these are all totally different. Totally. It's an apples and oranges kinda thing. These go from the nudest nude selection through mushroom nudeville before finally stopping at pinkest nude station.

If I had to pick one my favourite would have to be the Deborah Lippmann beauty. It suits my skin tone  to no end and has the magical ability to make my hands look elegant and ladylike. 

Love Keeks xo 


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