Wednesday, 26 February 2014

There's Always Time For Tea...

No matter how busy you are, how many meeting you have, people to see or places to be, there's always time for tea. Last week, me and Annie had to hot-foot it to the last day of LFW to go backstage to watch the prep at Tata Naka and go to Fashion Week central aka Somerset House to snap some street style pics for the next issue of Blackhair. 'Twas a rather stressful day for many reasons but my favourite part was definitely taking our hour-long lunch break and settling down to tea and (French) toast at Gail's Bakery. Sometimes only a pot of tea will do (you can quote me on that one).

I also realised that if you have come to the conclusion that your favourite part of your day at fashion week was when you stopped for tea, you probably didn't love it all that much. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED going backstage and seeing all the prep that goes into it (you can read my post here), it just made me realise how un-fashiony I am. There's nothing that will make you feel less fashion-y than being surrounded by people that live and breathe high-fashion. I felt the most self-concious I've ever felt, like one of those dreams where you go out the house naked and don't realised until you've gotten to the town centre and people are staring at you. I definitely think I'll stick to reading about it in the trend reports.

I love clothes, I love shopping, I love Elle; but fashion week in the flesh. Scary.

I really liked this Swatch mobile sweet shop though. Best cola bottles EVER.

Love Keeks xo


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