Thursday, 7 August 2014

Culling Crayons...

I used to love drawing with chunky crayons when I was little. Nothing got a three year old Keeks more excited than a big blank page and a packet of fresh Crayola’s (except maybe my Barbie dream house), so of course when beauty haulin’ I naturally gravitate towards these bad boys.

For me lip crayons are the ideal hybrid of a lipstick and a lip pencil - easy and foolproof for even the biggest makeup novice. I’ve tried many over the years but these four have stuck in my collection, all serving different purposes...

My initial foray in the lip crayon game was with the Clinique Chubby Stick, which was probably many people’s first. This crayon is the balmiest I own and what I slick on for a tint of colour and a hint of moisture. The original formulation comes in 18 shades, the Intense range, which offers a stronger colour pay off, comes in 10 and they’ve recently brought out the Baby Tint, which is less colour and more moisture. They aren’t cheap at £17 but they are kind of the crème de la crème of the lip crayon word and, if you have the dollar, they are worth the splurge.

For a statement matte lip (but seriously matte) I reach for my Topshop lip crayon. A more precise hand is required for this one but once you have the application down, it’s a great matte blue-toned red – I think the one I have has been discontinued but the lip bullet in wine gum is a pretty good match . My other matte crayon is from Bite and I picked it up from Sephora in Miami. I hadn’t heard about the brand because it’ not available in the UK (unless, of course you order it from Sephora) but it was the packaging that had me. I wanted everything. No joke. For me this is a fab semi-matte and the colour (rhubarb) works great as a nude lip for me.

Me final crayon is a real good’un. The Soap & Glory sexy motherpucker gloss stick is unlike any other, because, well, it’s glossy. The colour I have is Raplumsel and is a deep plummy raspberry. It possesses the ability to make a face look ‘done’ with a swipe on the lips. The formula is creamy rather than sticky and so avoids the whole lipgloss in hair sitch. J’adore.

Love Keeks xo

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