Monday, 1 September 2014

Keeks Visits - Pick Your Own.

Apparently I went strawberry picking a few times when I was little. Much to my mum’s dismay, I don’t remember this far back – or, you know, a lot since. But apparently I had a whale of a time. So when my big sister asked if I wanted to come along at the weekend, I thought why not; never did I ever think I’d love it as much as I did. 

Let me just put this out there - I’ve never been outdoorsy. I have a mild irrational fear of bugs and don’t even talk to me about camping, trudging through mud or anything that falls into the ‘getting dirtier than I need to’ category. However, this was awesome. Awesomely tranquil. There’s something to be said for picking your own fruit and veg; carefully selecting and collecting to get the perfect punnet. 

We got picking at Parkside Farm in Enfield. Entrance is free but each person has to spend at least £3 in produce, but you get a lot for your buck - I spent £10 and got two bags full of stuff, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Such a lovely day out and not at all expensive, so maybe there is something in this whole outdoorsy thing.

Love Keeks xo


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