Saturday, 13 December 2014

6 tips to keep your make-up looking flawless all night!

It’s party season (how many times have you heard that already this week?) and the festivities are about to kick in – office parties, meals with friends, New Year’s Eve etc, which means we’ll be expecting our make up to stand the test of time. Here are some tips on helping your make-up stand the test of time…

1. Let that sink in…
A great foundation is all well and good but if you haven’t got the stuff underneath down pat then it’s pretty much useless. In order to ensure your foundation doesn’t slip and side throughout the night make sure you allow your moisturiser to sink in before you start applying any make-up.

2. Prime time
A decent primer will seriously keep your make-up glued to your face, but not in a gross way. I personally love the Clinique Superprimers, especially the universal one. When applying, don’t rub it in, but smooth it on. It’s supposed to be a light layered on top of your moisturiser, not mixed in with it.

3. Ace the base
Once you’ve gotten the pre make-up faff out of the way, choose your base wisely. If you’re in for a long night, as much as you want to look natural - do you know what the worst possible foundation choice you could make for an all nighter? A dewy finish. Don't even go there unless you want to shine like a beacon a couple of hours in. Opt for a matte or Demi-matte finish. If you feel like matte foundation flattens your face, you can always add shape with subtle highlighting and contouring.

4. Lashes on lashes
Now I'm not one for fake lashes. I'm way too self-conscious that one of them is making a break for it and is half dangling off of my eye while I party on, blissfully unaware. But if you love your falsies then the one tip I'd give is to carry your lash adhesive in your clutch to avoid any going AWOL.

5. Lip service
The best bet for a long-lasting lip would be a stain. However, I’m super-allergic to one of the ingredients in pretty much all stains available so I have to opt of the next best thing. Applying a lip liner all over the lips is great because it has awesome staying power and allows you to define the lips at the same time.

6. Pow wow powder!
If you want to set your makeup before you head out or touch up while you’re there, I recommend translucent powder as no matter how many times you touch up it won’t cake, whereas normal, skin-coloured powder layered on foundation can tend to look cakey. Just powder down the centre of the face when you start to look a lil’ shiny.

And make sure you have a fab night, ladies!

Love Keeks xo


  1. Not going to lie I don't usually pay attention to make up / beauty posts but this one really count my eye! I love all the tips and I'm glad to see im not the only one who uses some of them too. Also, I really like how chilled but well written this piece is!

    Love it - Kosa from

    1. Thank you so much, such a lovely comment x


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