Monday, 29 December 2014

It's My Birthday!

It’s my birthday! I know everyone says this but *awaits eye rolls*… this year has flown by. No really it has. Its sped by quicker than any other year have ever and I’m inclined to blame work, being this was my first full year out of a sea of education and into the career frying pan.

Somehow, I managed to convince my parents to throw me a party for my ultra significant 23rd birthday and it was so awesome. This was mainly for the fact that I got to live my childhood dream of being Dionne from Clueless at a throwback tacky chic house party (altogether now ‘rollin’ with the homiessss’).

I love the fact that my birthday falls a few days before the New Year, I think that it’s one of the few plus points of having a December birthday, reason being, it’s easy to sit back and take stock of your year as a whole and you start your personal new year with the calendar. Resolutions aren’t my thing; they make me feel icky. I think it’s how limiting people make them and often, how unfeasible. Like guys, if you haven’t exercised more than twice in the past year, telling yourself you’ll go to the gym four times a week from the get go, is ridiculous. And if you enjoy the odd bit of chocolate why cut it out completely in the grimmest month of the year? Baffling. I am, however, all for self-improvement so I create a list of things I want to do over the coming year/ before my next birthday.

Last year’s one went pretty well, I mean, I didn’t save as much money as I had hoped but you can’t win ‘em all (clothes and food are just way too appealing), but altogether I stuck to that list pretty rigidly. The biggest thing that I wanted to tick off by the end of the year was to be open to new adventures. I worry about everything, literally, and I’d always say ‘no’ before saying ‘yes’. Whenever someone would suggest something, my mind would always immediately process everything that could go wrong. But after experiencing a period of change at the end of last year; finishing education, starting my career and becoming single for the first time since I was 15, I was determined to try living a little bit more adventurously. And I have – I went on holiday to two places I’ve never been, I made new friends, went out on a whim and just generally tried to stop fretting about stupid non-issues that were stopping me living.

So all in all, 22 was a fab year (I got to rinse Taylor Swift’s song to no end), of course I had low moments but the good far out-weighed the bad and I’m really excited to see what the New Year brings, now lets start that list... 

Love Keeks xo 


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