Sunday, 21 December 2014

Keeks Visits... The Southbank Christmas Market

I hate ice-skating. I just hate it. It looks beautiful and Christmassy and all sorts of lovely, but I just can’t. I think it’s because I saw a bloody accident at Streatham Ice Rink when I was younger and I 100% have no core stability so I feel very vulnerable on the ice. So when it gets to this time of year I feel a bit at a loss for Christmassy activities that don’t involve bloody ice-skating or cost a day’s wage (I’m looking at you Winter Wonderland) – but I found one at the Southbank Christmas Market.

My friend Bex and I headed there before midday on a Sunday and it was pleasantly quiet; and by this I mean busy but bearable. If you like street food, you’ll love this place – we spotted pancakes, Indian food, kebabs, pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, waffles… the list goes on.

We opted for dutch pancakes and bratwurst hot dogs and oh my lord, both were SO good. Make sure you get the hot dog with the sauerkraut (Bex hadn’t had it before and she was very impressed), and we loved the Dutch pancakes with icing sugar and maple syrup, I think the nutella option would have sent our blood sugar levels into overdrive.

All food was washed down with a hot cider at the Rekorderlig bar, which was delicious, however a lot stronger then it tastes, maybe it was the cold, but my legs felt seriously heavy when we got up to leave…

The market reminded me of the Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany, and sure things are a tad spendy if you want to eat, drink and buy bobble hats – but if you’re after something a little less superficial than Winter Wonderland, then I’d definitely give it a visit.


Love Keeks xo 


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