Sunday, 14 December 2014

The ghd creative curl wand - Review and Video Tutorial

ghd curve creative curl wand - £110

ghd. Until I started working at Hair and Blackhair I pretty much didn’t know any other straightener, ghd were the only loves. So when I first heard about the ghd curve range earlier in the year I was so excited – I loved waving my hair with my ghds so to have an actual ghd curler to do this with was going to be fun.

I was lucky enough to receive the creative curl wand last week - I chose this out of the range as I prefer a more fuss-free non-uniformed look, which is what this wand aims to deliver. The wand is tapered to a point and slightly flattened to create beachy waves as opposed to neat curls. It’s super lightweight tool too, which is really handy when it comes to how long you have to hold it up. The set I received came with a lovely limited edition case/heat mat with rose gold hardware. Rose Gold – I die.

Of course as it’s ghd, this thing ain’t gonna come cheap and sure there are plenty of other great wands on the market for much less, but if you’re looking for a wand the same quality as your beloved ghds with the same sleek design and little snazzy on/off sounds to match – look no further.

The ghd curve collection starts at £110 and is available at

Watch my below video for a first impressions tutorial! 

Love Keeks xo


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