Saturday, 31 January 2015

Conceal, don't feel, don't let it show...

So if you don't get the title reference you're lucky enough to not know Frozen inside out. As I mentioned in my favourites of 2014 video, I only really started using concealer daily when I began working full-time. When tired or strung-out I don't get puffy eyes or bags, nope, I get delightful dark circles, it really is a site to behold. And they won't budge for anything, it's like they've been tea-stained like primary school history work. So the only thing for it is to conceal. Since I began my time in the world of concealer I've developed a few favourites, and noticed one thing - the high street's concealer game for dark skin, is weak. The only one I tried and kind of liked was the L'Oreal True Match concealer, but it wasn't repurchasably good (yeah I made that word up). 
This is amazing. Truly. It's one of the most highly pigmented product I've ever come across, you need a blob the size of a pin-head to camouflage both darkly circled eyes and it works well concealing spots too. The consistency is extremely creamy and a blendable dream. It has good staying power too - although after a particularly long day (I'm talking 6:30am til like 11pm) I'll notice it creases a bit, but how could it not? 
When I went for my makeup lesson with Bobbi Brown the biggest thing I took out of it was that I had been applying my much-loved corrector incorrectly this whole time. Sophy, my makeup artist for my lesson, said that the corrector basically does most of the work for the concealer. It's there to correct the colour under the eyes then you pop the concealer on top to blend with the skin's colour. I'd previously been using the corrector to merely brighten the inner corners of my eyes. Duh. Using them properly has made all the difference and I use this combo when I've had a particularly late night as it really lifts the eye area - fake sleep galore. 
This handy little pen is amazing for on the go touch ups and the like. While it's not my go to, it tends to be the one I'll throw in my makeup bag for holidays or on nights out. It conceals and brightening the under eye area but with a much lighter formula than the others mentioned previously. 

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, £26.50
Ok, so this one took me a bit of time to love. Firstly, the formula is super thick and high-pigmented and secondly, the colours are a bit WTF. The two colours are supposed to be blended as you need to create the perfect shade - one matches your skins depth of colour and the other matches the undertone. I have the shade SC-8 and although separately the colours look dodgy, they blend really well to create my shade. This bad boy is made for use over foundation and I tend to reach for it if I'm having a ridiculously bad skin day.
Let me know if you have any concealer recs!
Love Keeks xo  

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