Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Hair Habits

You're always reading about habits to break around this time of year so I thought it would be a nice change to talk about habits to keep up - so here are four for you (glen coco) to keep for fab locks whatever your hair type!

(p.s I have a video allll about this over on Youtube if you fancy a gander - it's HERE )

1 Wash your hair when it feels dirty

Sounds obvious right? But there are sooo many articles with contradicting information. Hairdressing ledge, Philip Kingsley says do it everyday in his book, while others maintain that it's much better to limit it to a couple of times a week and us with Afro hair are like 'Pffft, every 10 days is fine for us.' The bottom line is that only you know when your hair feels like it needs washing - it's not for the good of others, like hand-washing per se. 

2. Get trimming 

Yup, sorry this is the one that'll always worm it's way into any form of haircare advice. Believe me I was not a trimming advocate. I wanted long hair, why was I going to trim it? But with age comes wisdom, and I can now see that my longish straggly-ass hair wasn't half as healthy as my regularly trimmed mid-length hair is now. The concept is easy: trim hair, hair becomes healthier, healthy hair equals growth. Snip snip, ladies, snip snip.

3. Moisturise, all day erryday

All hair needs moisture throughout the year. European hair needs light moisture that won't laden down their locks and Afro hair needs richer moisturising products to penetrate our coarser mane. But the bottom line is that we always need it, not more or less in summer or winter. Sure we may need the addition of products for different elements and weather conditions, but the core need to be moisturised is ever present, people.

4. And finally, use protection 

This should be the final line of advice for all walks of life and haircare is no exception. Tell me, dear friends, how would your skin fear if you lay out and allowed the sun to blaze down on you at 200c degrees without any kind of sun protection? Not great? Nah you'd burn to a crisp and die. The only reason your hair doesn't singe at the first stroke of a hot tool is because it's already dead! To prevent the hair from looking and feeling dull and lacklustre, just spritz on a little heat protectant when damp and you'll thank yourself when your hair isn't breaking off in chunks. 

Follow these habits for the next 365 days (and beyond) and you'll be rewarded with healthy, shiny hair (sorry, no money back guarantee)!

Happy New Year!

Love Keeks xo


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