Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lip Liner - The Product of Your Pouty Dreams

As I mentioned in my 2014 favourites video, last year was the year I tried lip liner for the first time, and now, well now I actually can’t imagine my makeup routine without it. It was the step my routine was missing, the product of pouty dreams.

I didn't even consider it before. You see, I ain’t no Kylie Jenner, I’m not in need of the illusion of bigger lips, not even in the slightest, I’m alright there thank you very much. Plus the thick outlined liner of the 90s had tarnished my viewpoint on the product too (I like to refer it are the "what the f'lip liner"). However, it’s the other benefits that had me like, ‘wow’. It’s the way it finishes off a perfect red lip, and the way it takes a nude lip from plain to an actual feature on your face and how you can use it all over the lip to create the best matte lip EVER. I just love them ok?

Naturally, of course my favourites are MAC. Brick is the marital partner your red lipstick has been looking for. Hover is thee perfect dusky pink nude (for both light and dark skin, I team with MAC Capricious, which both Emma and I use) and Currant is great for creating a dark wine-coloured matte lip or simply accenting your lip shape and then blending with lip balm or clear gloss for a subtle colour.

If you’re not about that lip liner life, just try it, trust me. You won’t be disappointed (and your lips will look on point)

Love Keeks xo


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