Sunday, 1 February 2015

When feeling grey

"Nothing thicker than a knife's blade separates happiness from melancholy" Virginia Woolf


The other day I felt really crap. Truthfully it lasted longer than a day, it was a period of feeling down that just kind of dragged on. Although I maintained myself on the outside - inside I felt... grey. It happens from time to time. This is my space on the web so I can be honest, right? This time, it was about a boy. I felt a boy-related inner throe I haven't experienced since I was at secondary school. But while it was ok to feel emosh about puerile 'boy dramz' as a teen, as a (supposed) adult you're meant rise above that fodder as a strong independent woman and strut down the street Beyonce stylee, bangles jangling on your arm and weave perfectly in place, am I right? Well that, my friends is where the problem lay. I felt juvenile, and because of this I felt embarrassed, and embarrassed on top of sad = sh*t. But rather than dwelling on my situation (ok, there was a bit of dwelling) - I got stuff done and it really helped... 

We all go through times where things aren't really awful (I mean I'm not talking true torture or loss here, people), but at the same time nothing feels great. So if you're feeling a bit crap at present, whatever the reason, don't beat yourself up for feeling down - have a lil' mope and then DO THINGS. 

Plan stuff
If I don't have things to do I overthink. Give me time and I will worry about everything I possibly could. So I planned things - little or big - from meeting for a coffee with a friend to planning a day out for my mum's birthday. I kept myself occupied. And don't just stick to the present either, I made plans for further along the year too - that way I had things to look forward to. It makes such a difference, because even if today was crap, at least you're one step closer to your plan. 

Get out of the house (and not just for work)
I can't even believe this advice is coming from the tips of my fingers, but engage in activity. I'm of the belief that I love Real Housewives of Atlanta more than anyone in Britain but being slouched in front of a RHOA marathon with a ton of unhealthy snacks made me feel even worse afterwards. I may have gotten my fix of Mumma Joyce, but I had also mindlessly consumed about 1832 calories and would just feel lethargic afterwards. Just walk into town and get a coffee or magazine or whatever. I walked to PC World and bought an external hard drive (exciting, I know) - but just get out of the house even if it's for 15 minutes. Fresh air can equal clarity of mind.  

Do a bit of exercise
Again, I can't believe I'm writing this and if my best friends read this they'd be like, 'um, who is this fraud pretending to be Keeks?' But exercise has proven to be a good stress reliever. I hate the gym - I hate any prolonged period of time when I'm not having fun and the gym falls into this category - but you don't have to go to the gym to exercise. Go for a run or try an at-home workout DVD. I started doing the Buzzfeed 28 day challenge. And while you're thinking about the next jumping jack, whatever you were worrying about, gets shoved to the back of your mind.

Involve yourself in the things you love
I love to write. Not flowery diary entries or anything, but creatively, developing scenes and characters, making them interact and feel. I also love to read and get lost in a book page by page - so it made sense for me to do both of these things to aid me in feeling happier. Now your thing may not be either of these, but whatever it is - DO IT. Cooking? Playing the guitar? Gaming? Whatever allows you to de-stress and feel genuinely content, set some time aside and indulge. 

Use your friends...
... For what they are there for. I used them to talk to, be a Debbie downer to, to shop with, to make me feel better, to make me tea. If your friend was going through a sad spell and you found out afterwards what are the first words that'll come out of your mouth? 'You should've told me!!!' So the same rule applies to you. Tell your friends and rather than feeling irritated or annoyed, if they love you they'll be more than happy to help pull you out of the mud. 

Treat yo' self
Treats! I don't care, everyone loves treats. Dogs, babies and grown ups! The last thing you need to be doing at this moment of crap is depriving yourself of treats. Now, while I'd love to be in a position to treat myself to a shopping spree here and there, this is not feasible at present, so by treats I mean things within your budget that make you happy. For me, women's glossy magazines and takeout coffee make me happy - I can technically afford both of these but usually slap myself on the wrist for buying unnecessary purchases. But 'treating' myself to both for the crap days, perked me up on my usually disgusting two hour commute to work. Whatever your budget allows, TREAT YOURSELF.

Believe me when I tell you I'm not a psychologist and if you feel more than a little bit down you should definitely speak to someone or visit your GP (or both). These are just a few things that helped push me into colour when everything felt a bit grey.

Love Keeks xo

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