Thursday, 12 February 2015

Why V-Day is still fun when you're single

Ok so you're single this v-day and it's the worst thing ever, right?? Umm NO. Here are some reasons being a singletine isn't bad at all - in fact it's fabaeless  (LOL - K I'm done with using the word bae, I just wanted to feel young again.)

No one judges you for pigging out on pizza and watching The OC 

Because you're single and depressed. Duh. Well not really, but today is the day you can pretend to be so that you have an excuse to order a large pizza at dominos all for your own consumption. Of course you have to stuff your face and cry for the millionth time when Ryan walks away from the burning car with Marisa draped in his arms. You can be fine the rest of the year but today is the day your 'single and lonely' stereotype gives you a free pass to lazy town. 

You can treat yourself 

Cos ain't nobody else buying you treats. Think of all the money you're saving by not buying ├╝ber expensive aftershave and a cheesy card and then whack out your debit card for those shoes you've had you eye on for months that you were secretly hoping you'd get for Christmas but never did (cheers, parents). I mean it's totally fine because you would have been spending it on your boyfriend anyhow and it's ace because you don't have to pretend to like it because you chose it yourself! 

You can have a galentine's 

Have any single besties? Or weird besties that are in relationships but don't believe in Valentine's Day because love should be celebrated everyday blah blah blah? Then gather them up and have a girls' night. In or out, bowling, clubbing or in front of Real Housewives of Atlanta with a bowl of nachos, go forth and relish in the company of your favourite gals. 

There's no V-day stand off

When you're single NO ONE asks you what you did for Valentine's Day unless they hate you, and as a result your day isn't pitched against others like car insurance on a price comparison website. Literally no one cares. So go ahead and do something completely unremarkable like stay in your pyjamas all day and knit. No one will ever know...

Relish in the knowledge that v-day is at the weekend.

Rejoice! V-day this year is on a Saturday! Awesome for the fact that you won't hear all about real Valentine's and then the fake weekend Valentine's that follows. So ok you're without your loved up buddies for a weekend but thas all. Whoop!

You know there are better days right around the corner...

Namely friggin' PANCAKE DAY. Aka the best national day of the year. My spirit day. Why isn't pancake day given the same hoopla as Valentine's? It's a thousand times better and everyone is involved. Just think of all of that sweet, warm, carby goodness in a few days time. Bites of heaven if you will. 

So there you go, all the reasons you need to be absolutely content with yo singleness though
it's Valentine's.


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