Monday, 23 March 2015

Porridge Café, London

Porridge: the breakfast of champions. Only a true breakfaster understands the power of a good bowl of porridge. It sets you up for the day ahead better than any granola bar could ever dream. But it’s a bit, well, boring. No one brags about the porridge they’ve had for brekkie the way they gloat about pancakes or a bacon sandwich.

However, things could be about to change – porridge could be coming up on the breakfast radar with the opening of the Porridge Café. The teeny café is nestled off of Great Eastern Street, just before you hit Old Street.

I love my porridge in a very specific way, super-thick with cinnamon and sugar mixed in after it’s cooked not during. But I left my preferences at the door and went in with an empty belly and no expectations. First off the menu isn’t wide and varying, there are set menus for every weekday and one for the weekend. There are three sweet options and two savoury/risotto ones. I went with the banana, blackcurrant and peanut butter offering and oh my life, it was so good. I never would have thought to add peanut butter to porridge until now.

A bowl (which is like medium-sized) cost £5 so just a bit more than a plain Prêt porridge and 100% better (and I love Prêt porridge, honest).

Porridge Café is located on 70 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NA

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