Monday, 20 April 2015

Procrastination. The Struggle is Real.

It has taken me three attempts to write this post, but finally here I sit on my bed eating a Frutina Real Fruit Snack typing away. The irony was not lost on me when I realised that it had taken me so long to sit down and write a post about procrastinating.

I am a life long member of the procrastination club by default – why do something now when you can put it off until later? Whether it’s your laundry, cleaning, work or going to the doctors. Sometimes it’s with the mindset ‘if I put this off, maybe it’ll go away…’ and sometimes it’s ‘I will finish this blogpost… right after I watch that Say Yes To The Dress marathon on TLC’. It’s a serious problem. However, the fact that I LOVE being organised always helps me get stuff done in the end. So these are the two ways I ride a procrastination wave.

Firstly, I love a good list. More importantly, to-do lists. I hate to lose, especially when competing with myself, so when I set myself a goal, I have to achieve it. So every morning once I get to work I write down a list of tasks for the day. It could be as little as reply to a certain email but if it needs to be done, I write it down. The satisfaction of crossing something off of a list overrides the pull of the Daily Mail’s sidebar of shame (most of the time).

Also, I think about the water at the finishing line. This is a marathon, not a sprint. What happens at the end of a marathon, they chuck water at the triumphant runners as they cross the line, which is basically like liquid gold to them, so you should get the same reward. What will your water be? Mine is normally something to do with food or a program on TLC. Get your stuff done and reward yourself with a lil’ something fun once you’re done. 

Lists and rewards, sounds simple, but they make such a difference when you're bang in the middle of a procrastination cycle. YOU CAN DO IT. 


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