Wednesday, 6 May 2015

You'll Never Guess How Much My New Favourite Shoes Cost...

I’ve been trying this thing this year where I don’t waste money on crappy-quality clothes and accessories but save money up and buy timeless more well-made pieces (the exception being loungewear and workout clothes because nothing justifies spending like £50 on leggings).

So I've had my eye on a pair of mid-heel strappies for sometime now, I've seen them in Office, Topshop and Kurt Geiger, all of the usual suspects, and was planning on picking some up (Office have a swoon-worthy rose gold offering) when I stumbled into Primark to get some socks and workout leggings and somehow managed to find my way to into the shoe section.

They were sitting there waiting for me the only pair in in black a size 7... it was meant to be. I of course knew that as it was Primark they weren't going to be expensive but as I turned over the price, I wasn't prepared for what a bargain they were.

£14. Can you believe it?! And they are almost exactly the same as this Topshop pair. They are comfortable and that kind of faux leather that isn't too fake looking and shiny. Whether they break quickly or not is yet to be seen, but at £14, if it gets past four wears then that works out as £3.50 a wear and thats pretty great in my eyes so...


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