Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hen dos (and don'ts)

If you didn't know already, one of my best friends, Emma, is getting married this month. While her eldest sister is the Maid of Honour, she passed me the baton for organising the hen party, due to me being fairly organised (read - control freak) and the fact that me and Em went through a spell of going out on the town A LOT (Jessie J - Domino, that was our jam). However, organising a day to please 10 different types of ladies, and most importantly, Emma, was something that was more than slightly scary, so when Kirsty (Emma's MoH) told me that she had been put in contact with Rebekah, Emma's friend who owns a hen and stag do planning service called VowVenture I breathed a sigh of relief and the day went off without a hitch (I literally was cacking myself the whole day before). I was so grateful for Rebekah and her planning service of dreams so if you have a hen to organise definitely check her out! But in the meantime here are a few tips I picked up along the way. 

Don't involve the hen.
Just don't - she has a whole wedding to plan for crying out loud. The only things you need her assistance on are the peeps she wants there and a date that works for her. Literally that's it. Try and figure everything out yourself. Sometimes you'll think you need to check something with her but 99% of the time you can just go with your gut. You know her well enough to know what she'll like and won't like. 

Set up a Whatsapp group - but don't abuse it
Ok, you need a means to communicate - setting up a Whatsapp group is probably your best bet as not everybody checks their email religiously. However the following is a very important point - do not bombard them with messages. People do not appreciate an overactive chat and tend to not look at them or if they missed a convo they're unlikely to scroll through a billion messages. Use it to relay important info i.e "hi guys the payment for _____ is due" not too much for "what shoes are everyone wearing to the club!?!!". 

Not a planner? Get help.
As I said before I had the help of the lovely Rebekah to plan Emma the best hen do ever. I love to organise parties and dinners etc I am definitely the planner of the friendship group - but planning something for someone else's chief enjoyment - well that's something new to me so I was so grateful for Rebekah's help. After talking through the kind of things Em enjoyed, the places that we went out and the kind of food she liked, Rebekah came back with a few different options and I did the same until there was an itinerary. I would definitely recommend planning through VowVenture or if you insist on doing it yourself, at least plan it with one other hen. 

However don't have too many cooks...
I said one other hen because asking the opinion of 12 other women might seem like a good idea, to get a balance PoV but it could end up getting a bit messy and you could end up getting tangled in opinions. For the most part I made all the decisions from the opinions discussed with Rebekah myself or if I was really unsure I asked Becci, a fellow bridesmaid. 

Set a budget - stick to it. 
This was actually surprisingly easy to do in our group of hens and I do think that's because we are all a group of girls in their early twenties that don't have a billion pounds to spend AND because it wasn't expected in one go or even more annoying asked for in 26 random chunks. Once I knew the budget, and had told Rebekah, it didn't budge. To stick to it, there were little things things that I had to improvise with. For example transport. An option was to have a minibus take us to and from the activity but would have cost extra each so as there were exactly 10 of us for the activity it made more sense for two to drive and everyone contribute to the petrol money. I got everyone that didn't already use Uber to download it and claim their free ride between Emma's house and the dinner. Then dinner and the bar were 15 minutes apart so for that we could walk. There's always to slim down costs, even if it's ever so slight.

Divvy up them jobs
One thing I really don't like is when smaller amounts of money are divided into even smaller amounts of money (I.e - "The vodka cost £6 so can everyone give me 50p towards it?!!"), in fact I'm pretty sure NO ONE likes that, so for the things like decorations, Emma's hen gear and alcohol I asked a few people to do one thing each, myself included. Not only is that less annoying money-wise (for you and them) it means that that thing is less likely to be forgotten about if one person is in charge of it (hopefully) and a weight off of your shoulders. 

The main thing is that your hen has the most fun ever - and as long as your plans are set in place and you are as prepared as you can be (show no fear or worry on the day - peeps pick up on bad vibes), I'm sure it'll be the best hen it can be!

p.s - Check out Emma's blog to see her take on the day! 



  1. Love this! Thanks for the best hen do eveeeeeer :) xxx


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