Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Newfound Obsession With Jumpsuits...

Jumpsuit - New Look // Sandals - ASOS // Hat - Accessorize // Bag - Mulberry

For me, the jumpsuit is the dresses' lazier cousin for the summer. They're literally the easiest thing to pull on if you want to look like you've thought about your outfit but you actually CBB and there isn't the whole 'legs out' annoyance... ok I'm just gonna say it - it's like being a toddler and I friggin' love it. 

Ok the whole toilet sitch is jarring and unavoidable (unless you just don't drink all day but I wouldn't recommend that in the sunshine, kids) but I'm willing to get past that.

This gem is from New Look and was a steal at just over £20. Just think, that's basically a whole outfit (minus shoes) for £20. Crazy. Pop on a hat and sandals and you have the whole 'oh I just threw this together' look, 'cos lets face it no one really wants to look like they've tried too hard. 


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