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The '00s shows that contributed to unrealistic life expectations...

I gorged on TV when I was a teen (not much has changed there then) and American TV shows were my thaang. I wanted to be all my favourite characters and was convinced I’d have the best of their lives when I grew up until I did said growing up (arguably) and realised that life is not a sitcom or a drama and all of these plots and storylines were a bag full of life lies. Here are the shows that set me up for a lifetime of disappointment (but I still love them, obvs)…

Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Unrealistic expectations of dealing with Bs
Ok, I know I’m not the only kid that tried to move sh*t with the point of a finger. And also remember trying, on more than one occasion, to get my cat to speak. Salem was such a G. I also thought it was so cool that Sabrina lived with her aunts, “It must be amazing to not have parents,” I’d muse. WTF?! And ok, I know that Libby was kind of the Regina George of the High School but if you think about did she do anything that bad to warrant multiple spells cast on her to which she could not retaliate with magic herself? MEAN.

Friends - Unrealistic expectations of relationships and unemployment
Let me begin by saying that I still won’t have anyone say anything bad about Friends, it’s my fave. However, 6 friends living within 100 metres of each other for the best part of 10 years until their late thirties – dodgy. Also like you could start sleeping with your brother’s best (and only) school friend, when you all live so closely and they not find out. But the thing that really infuriates me is the job sitch. Joey basically didn’t have a job for like 6 seasons and still managed to stay alive - Chandler literally funded him without any major fallouts. And Rachel, well she was unemployed with no work experience when she entered the show, destined to be a housewife, then she was a waitress for ageeessss and then BAM she lands her dream job straight away, ending up a flippin’ buyer for Ralph Lauren. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. And don’t even get me started on the way she interfered with all of Ross’s serious relationships – so not the way to handle an ex.

The Hills - Unrealistic expectations of interning
Where do I even start with this programme. I friggin’ loved it but if you carefully dissect it it’s really f’ed and unrealistic in most ways. Firstly it paints L.A as being this amazing vibrant city full of night life and endless fun – so much so that I convinced my parents to take me there on our family holiday that year – when really it’s pretty boring. And shall we talk about its interning expectations? Getting to sit in a closed off room from the rest of the office to gossip with your friend – this isn’t real life. Getting the opportunity to fly across the Atlantic for a task, having the option to turn it down and still being allowed to continue interning there? Seriously, guys THIS ISN’T REAL LIFE.

Sex and the City - Unrealistic expectations of Journalistic wages
I’m going to need a whole post dedicated to this one if I start properly so let’s keep this succinct…
Carrie + Journalism job = Manhattan lifestyle and designer closet? Ummm naah I don’t think so. And there goes my idealistic dreams of being a writer in a big city. Sob.

Gossip Girl - Unrealistic expectations of friendship
Oh to be a privileged Manhattan schoolgirl. TBF I can’t even remotely say that I thought my life was an ounce like Blair and co – South East London teen/Privately-schooled Manhattanites, my prob is their representation of friendship. I know, I know like the rest of these shows they are all for entertainment purposes and therefore would be dry without the drama but really, could you really be best friends when you’ve both been in long time rellies with the same guys (who you hang around with ALL THE TIME?). Blair was romantically involved with every main guy her age in the show (don’t get be started on Blair and Dan – vom) and Serena was with each guy besides Chuck but including her exes cousin. WTF. Imagine how awkward this would be in real life! It’s not like they were little flings they were fully-fledged relationships! I should have known from series one when Blair forgave Serena so easily for sleeping with her boyfriend that this show was messed up. That being said Chuck and Blair forever though </3


  1. I absolutely loved this post! Made me laugh so much & I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices these things! Love all these shows but damn did they sell dreams!

    Kosa x

    1. Aww thank you! Glad someone else agrees! x


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