Friday, 7 August 2015

Fun things for a cash-strapped Londoner...

I'm one of those people that no matter how much moolah I earn, by week two of each month my accounts will be drier than the Sahara. Now this isn't normally a problem as my idea of a wild Friday night is me, my laptop, nachos and back to back episodes of RHOA. 

However this thing happens when it's warm and sunny outside - there is a social obligation to fill your weekends and evenings with expensive fun social activities. While this is great if you have disposable dough and are better at managing your funds than I am (it's not hard), if you're cash-strapped it'll lead to an extreme case of FOMO (blame Instagram) and make you feel even more poop as you cry into your nachos. 

So here are a few things that are still totally Instagram-mable that you can do for less than a tenner each (travel not included cos I is not a genie - soz).

Pick yo' fruit.
I think if I owned a fruit picking farm, that's what I'd call it - 'Keeks's Pick Yo' Fruit.' And it'll be a little picture of me dressed as the lady on packets of Sunmaid Raisins. Anyway, fruit picking is awesome and not only is it fun, you are choosing your own fruit and veg fresh from the harvest - organic win! Why not go with a few friends and set a challenge of all picking thing to incorporate into a different dish at a swish lil' dinner party. And you can so humble brag about this at work on Monday. 

Be on top of the world!
I'm sure The Shard is like AMAZING and all but rooftops are where it's at, guys! There are some super fun and edgy (geddit?) roofs to hang on this summer that are free to enter and then you can spend your tenner on a drink (or three if you no likey the alcohol). I really like Roof East in Stratford, it has a car full of random plants and there's garden bowling - (it can get competitive) Frank's Cafe in Peckham is cool too, and Dalston roof park is a good shout if you're in East Landan Geezer. 

Hit the beach!
You could be super tradish and go to an actual beach but if you live in London heading to Brighton or Margate on a summer weekend... brave choice my friend. If you want to feel sand between your toes for free use your oyster and head to Beach East at Stratford's Olympic Park. Entry cost nothing so it'll definitely be full of kids all day but it's open until 10pm so head over a bit later to avoid the churlish screams and enjoy a bit of chilled beach time.

Bitches 'n' pizzas
Do you have more than 4 friends/housemates? If so, firstly go you and secondly why not all put in £10 one Saturday (maybe one that's scheduled to rain? Happens a lot in summery Britain) and have yourself a grand ye olde bitches 'n' pizza night at one of your yards? Preferably the one who has the nicest flat/neighbours that won't complain about one of your friend's ungodly laugh. If there's 5 of you that's 50 quid - enough to get a good pizza deal at Mr Dominos, a few bottles of just palatable wine and some snacks for movie time. BEST NIGHT EVER, GUYS!!

Spring (summer?) Clean!
I wasn't sure about putting this one in here but I figured that if you like my blog you're probably at least a bit like me and me likes to be organised. There is nothing better sometimes than dedicating a grey afternoon to a bit of life admin. Take Sunday for instance, Sunday's are the worst already because circa 4pm you get Monday dred, so why not spend that afternoon cleaning, organising, filing, shredding or whatever and then spend a £10 on a cute bunch of flowers to reward yourself on the tidying AND make the place look even lovelier. All the winning.

Sports Day! 
Ok I'm going to let you in on a secret - my family are nuts. In a good way, but nuts nonetheless. You see, they are obsessed with organising family events (like obsessed obsessed) and the latest one is the Sports Day - and it's my favourite by far, and a great idea if you're after cash-strapped fun. Ok so you'll need a larger group of peeps so best to schedule it in advance to account for other people's holidays, festivals, other rich people events...
For the games you could go real simple with rounders (this Argos set is £9.99 - score) or ask people to bring different activities and make a real go of it with teams and captains. There are literally a million parks in London so take your pick but if it was going to give you a tip I'd say the further on the outskirts the better. Sure it would be lovely to hit Hyde Park with its intense centralness and the Serpentine scenically running through, but it'll definitely be HEAVING with kids and tourist and tourists' kids and they'll 100% get in the way of your sporting.

Food glorious food... 
Ok so for a £10 in London you're not going to get a lot for your money food wise unless you're at Favourite Fried Chicken, and especially not at a fancy smancy street food festival. But if you're looking for a fun outdoorsy atmosphere to chill and chat why not hit up a Street Feast with your pals and grab a gourmet ice cream or something if you're peckish. Just make sure you check when they start the door fee (at Lewisham's Model Market door fee applies from 7pm) so you aren't wasting valuable dollar.


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