Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lavender Fields

On Saturday I took a little trip to one of the most beautiful fields ever, just because. Luckily I have a best friend that instead of saying "Why'd you wanna go there" was like "YES! I'll come." 

Mayfield Lavender Fields is in Banstead in Surrey, not too far outside of Croydon. It's £1 entry which is redeemable against anything you buy in the shop. To be honest, I have no idea why I wanted to go, it just felt different - I wanted to get up early on a Saturday morning and roam about a pretty field. Simples. 

There were people there having a birthday party, which looked so cute. However, we did wonder how the hell they'd be able to have a cake and stuff with ALL THE WASPS. Seriously, guys there were so many wasps and bees any phobics would have lost their sh*t. They weren't interested in us humans, obvs as there was so much lavender for them to get off on but still just throwing it out there.

As a sidenote, these dungarees are my new favourite item. The slouchiest, most comfortable linen ever. 

All in all I had a fun ol' frolic.  I mean, sometimes it's nice to do something a bit different. 


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