Wednesday, 30 September 2015

New York, New York it's a Hell of a Town..

New York is my second favourite place in the world (behind London, obvs). Now I know this is a massive stereotype – oooohh I’m a journalist (cue SATC refs) and I blog and I like NYC what a revelation - but I do feel like as a well-travelled young gal I can make this statement. I loved it the 1st and the 2nd time I visited – but this time was by far my favourite. I headed out with my lovely mumma and my best friend, Nads (above), and whereas before I had always stayed around Times Square, this time we wanted a different scene so we opted for the Financial District, right near Battery Park. After staying here I wouldn’t ever opt to stay in hectic Midtown again. Don’t get me wrong it was still busy especially because the 9/11 Memorial was a short walk away but not overbearing people traffic central that is Times Square.

I was planning on vlogging a bit while I was out there but honestly I just keep forgetting to get my camera out and then when I did I just felt super awks – so major kudos to vloggers that do it erryday. So instead I thought I’d put together a little post on my favourite spots from my short trip to The Big Apple.

The High Line
If you're up for a casual park stroll through the busy city then I'd definitely recommend The High Line. We got on at the start in the Meatpacking District (outside the Whitney Museum) and came down around W 29th Street. Up there you get to literally walk between buildings up high and there are cute food trucks to grab eats.

Brunch at Sarabeth’s
Manhattanites do brunch the way that I wish I could brunch every single day. The earlier you head out the better as places get very packed (so technically breakfast?). Brunch at Sarabeth's on Greenwich St was one of the best meals I had in the City. I opted for the Lemon and Ricotta Pancakes and a side of sausage and was in brunch heaven, plus who doesn't love $4 bottomless coffee. 

The best slice EVER @ New York Suprema Pizza
After walking The High Line we were in serious need of refuelling so when we stumbled on this pizza place we decided to check it out. I have two simply requirements for trying new restaurants -
1. Must have a good hygiene rating 
2. Must at least have one person eating in there

This place met both, and the lure of the smell of melted cheese was overwhelming. The base was thin and cripsy and the cheese was perfection. One slice was bigger than my face and cost less than $5 can I get an AMEN.

Brooklyn Bridge
On our first day there we went for a walk around the area and inadvertently ended up on Brooklyn Bridge (which is another reason why I loved the Financial District) it's such a lovely walk and although we didn't walk the whole way (my Mum started feeling a bit sick 'cos of the height and water underneath, bless her) it was fun and offered gorge views of the city and beyond. 

Brooklyn in general tbh
Ah Brooklyn, home to kids so cool they'd make Shoreditchers look stuffy and so many coffee shops you'll fail to leave without being off your face on caffeine. Firstly, Brooklyn is pretty huge (espesh when compared to Manhattan) so if you want to explore there I'd say take an afternoon, pick an area and wander. We wanted to visit Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn, but settled on the Burg in the end. We got the Subway (the only transport that makes you appreciate London's tube system) from Downtown Manhattan to Marcy Ave, Williamsburg but you can walk across Williamsburg Bridge or get the ferry. The tour of Brooklyn started with a stroll through the streets browsing vintage shops and street stalls (best ones are along Metropolitan Ave and the surrounding streets) and got coffee at Toby's Estate, which was literally the best vanilla latte I have ever had. The pic above was taken at The Post Office where we stopped for a breakfast burrito and free wifi - two of lives best offering. 

Whole Foods
Where I discovered that Peanut Butter Pretzels are a thing and subsequently lost my sh*t. The one on 7th Ave is huge and the cashier didn't even laugh at me that much when I asked him "excuse me, where are your nuts?". 

Battery Park
Our Hotel overlooked the Hudson River and you literally just walked across the road and were in Battery Park. It’s just such a scenic setting and the views of Jersey at night are beyond.

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