Friday, 16 October 2015

Antipodes Joyful Hand Cream

Never did I ever think I would dedicate a blawg post to a HAND CREAM, but boy oh boy does it deserve it. I suffer with really really dry hands all year round (probably due to my chronic use of hand santizer) but it does get especially dry around this time of year so I always have to have some kind of hand cream with me.

On the go I tend to carry a tube of Palmer's or L'Occitane but whilst at my desk, this bad boy is never too far away! It contains pure avacado oil, wild blackcurrant brry and hibicus flower all of which combine to make it deeply-nourishing. While it leaves your hands super moisturised it sinks in so so quickly so you aren't left with that tacky, clammy feeling ages after applying it.

The packaging is also a fave, I love metal tubes (weird thing to love, I'm aware) they look chic and are so good for getting all the product out!

Joyful, joyful, hand cream, I adore thee.

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