Tuesday, 24 November 2015

a Super Simple Guide for becoming More Motivated

I've always prided myself on being hella organised. Post its, notepads, diary and calendars - you name it I've bought it at Paperchase. Being organised is a way of life for me but when I started working from home part time it meant I needed a whole new layer of organisational ability and something that we all struggle with time to time - motivation. It's a lot harder to focus when you have no one to check your screen or what tabs you have open. Thankfully I've learnt that these four things will help me stay on track (98.6% of the time).

Learn to love lists
I don't understand how people get loads of things done without writing it down. Making a list for me is key for getting things done otherwise they all just get lost in a jumble in my head. At the beginning of the day I'll look at the outstanding work on my flatplan (magazine layout) and jot down what I would be happy with getting done that day. Writing down all the tasks in your head frees up space for more creativity. Just don't overload and over-estimate yourself because there's nothing worst than an unfinished list.

Get dressed
People's idea of 'working from home' is sitting on your bed in your pjs eating toast. While this might be productive for some, I've found that in order for me to have the most productive day I have to get up like like any other worker, wash, brush my teeth and get dressed. Getting dressed is so much than physically being clean, it's a mind-state - it's you refreshing and getting ready for the day ahead.

Give yourself a break
Despite being hyper-organised I can be such a procrastinator. Why do something now that you can do after scrolling on the Daily Mail sidebar of shame for half an hour? We are all guilty of it. So instead of pretending you won't get distracted, set yourself targets, like 'I'll work for an hour and then have a ten minute break for making tea and window shopping on ASOS'.

Change your setting
My desk is in my bedroom, which is great because I literally have to walk two feet to work as apposed to the 50 miles I travel to the office the rest of the week (true story guys). However when I work at my bedroom desk it'll get to 6pm and I'll realise I've left my room twice all day. I'll be getting through my work but it's all a bit stagnant because well, staying in the same room all day with no one to talk to and nothing to see is hardly inspiring, is it? Make sure you change your setting every now and again for a lil' boost of inspiration and motivation, like a fun coffee shop or ornate library. 

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