Monday, 21 December 2015

Smashbox's Smash Hits!

When I got my first payslip from full time employment I headed straight to Westfield and bought myself the Smashbox Liquid Halo Foundation. I hadn't heard a great deal about it and I don't really know what made me get it but I did and that my friends was the first ever Smashbox product I bought.
Now two years later I would say that the brand is one of my absolute favourites, up there with the likes of Bobbi Brown and Char Tilbs, I just know I can rely on it for great products that won't break me out and deliver quality every time. I've tried my fair share of Smashbox and I haven't ever hated something the brand has to offer, but these bad boys are definitely, in my opinion, the best of an awesome bunch.

If I'm not mistaken, this was the second high end foundation I ever bought. It's sheer to meduim coverage and feels light and breathable on the skin. It's hydrating too but doesn't look too dewy, which I love because my immensely t-zone will give me that all by itself. It lasts a decent amount of time before it needs to be powdered too! 

This is the newest Smashbox offering I've tried and I love it! I know what you're thinking. A primer... Oil? An oil that primes? Whaaaaaaaat? Because I have to admit I thought the same. But dang I love it! This is perfect for the colder months if you're prone to tight, dry skin as it helps to moisturise the skin before applying make-up. I'll cleanse and tone and then apply a few drops, allow it to sink in for a few minutes and then apply my foundation. It gives your skin a lovely dewiness without looking or feeling over greasy.

This is your regular kinda primer (the type with a silicone slip feel) but I love this one when I'm rocking a powder foundation as it creates the smoothest bloody surface ever and doesn't slip off after like 5 minutes like many others I've tried.

I am so obsessed with this powder. Previously I used the M.A.C compact but found that if I used it throughout the day it would cake up, so when translucent powders were on test I opted to try this one as it was a loose powder. Don't get me wrong at first it is a bit of hassle and messy but now I don't even notice it. It rids the skin of immense shine yet doesn't make it look dull and overly matte. 

This is a newish addition and it's love. While I really like the Sleek offering (and it's a lot less expensive) I love this more for two reasons. Firstly, it comes with a handy contour guide on the actual mirror so you can look at it as you apply - genius Smashbox babes. And secondly, all three shades are super wearable, which is something I didn't find with the Sleek Contour Kit. There's the contour shade, great for creating shadows, a rich terracotta blush and a perfect non-shimmery highlight shade.

I don't own any BB or CC creams because they all tend to be too dewy for my oily t-zone. But a BB eye cream I can get behind. My undereyes and eyelids are actually some of the driest parts of my combination skin so a hydrating concealer is exactly what I need and this one is a Godsend. It's quick to apply with a twist up brush so you get the perfect amount of product and is easy to just blend with your fingers. Not only does it hydrate, it brightens too - this is the first thing I reach for in my makeup routine. 


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