Friday, 11 December 2015

The Friday Five #1

I thought that as an attempt to stay on top of blog content I would commit to a weekly post. I've been thinking for a while what this could be, what kind of topic etc because I didn't want it to be on one topic as I figured that would be something I'd struggle with as I just knew I wouldn't keep it up. So after a bit of umming and ahhing I decided on...

The Friday Five!

A post every Friday where I write a little bit about five things I've done/tried/loved/watched/read/thought about that week and that way I'm not limited to one topic (Lord knows I don't like to be restricted). So here goes!

Friend Christmas dinner
Ok, so this was last week but since this thing'll run from Friday to Friday it counts. Every year since we were tiny little 18 year olds me and my bestest buddies have had a Friend Christmas complete with roast dinner, games and presents. As a group we are basically family - we have all known each other since we were 11, been best friends since we were 14 and have experienced much of life together - make-ups break-ups, marriages... so literally they are my second family! It's always so nice to share the Christmas spirit with the ones you love!

The Dressmaker

On Tuesday I was invited to view The Dressmaker with the brand Charles Worthington, and while I didn't really know what to expect, I did know that I'd be getting to see a lot of Liam Hemsworth. The film was strange (I won't give away spoilers) and kind of like a dark comedy but with serious undertones and when I left the screening I was sure I hated it. But when I explained it to my co-worker, Sarah, the next day I went into ridiculous details and analysis so I guess it meant it moved me in some kinda way... check it out if you can but be prepared to go 'huh?'

Purpose - Justin Bieber
Me and my friends have becomes such Beliebers since this new album dropped - well it began slowly since where are u and then gained pace after what do you mean and sorry and then reached peak after purpose. It's such a great album, seriously - my faves are Love Yourself , Sorry, Purpose and We Are.

Bobbi Brown + Clarins
I have a new favourite lip combo the Clarins Lip Definer in Nude Mocha all over the lips and the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Brown Berry dabbed in the middle of the lip and then blended out. It's literally my nude lip combo from heaven. Alone, the Bobbi art stick is slightly too ashy but this liner makes it perfecto!

New sneaks
I really really really restrained myself when it came to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales a couple of weeks back - in fact I only bought one thing and I have been wearing them to death this week - my new Nike Pegasus 83 trainers in lunar grey *insert heart eyed emoji* Eghh I just love them so much. They are suede so I refuse to wear them when it's raining, which sucks but I love them nonetheless.


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