Friday, 18 December 2015

The Friday Five #2

Photobox buys
Being a known Instagram addict I'd have forgotten the thrill of having a physical photo as a memory that isn't from a photobooth. If I wanted a trip down memory lane I'd just have a scroll through Insta or glance at Facebook. However, when I was ordering one of my secret santa gifts I decided on impulse to pick a few insta pics that I'd like IRL too and I love them! The quality is so good and they genuinely look like polaroids!

Fake birthday
This week as it was pretty much everyone's last in the office before Christmas and therefore my birthday (which is on the 29th FYI) the team suprised me and Sazzle (who's birthday is the day after mine) with a little cake, card and present, I was so shocked that I cried. I mean, it was a special time if you catch my drift but still that's no excuse. Anyway it was my first work birthday ever and it was the best day ever.

The 1975 are one of my favourite bands. None of my friends share the love with me (although Emma did come with me to their concert once and for that I will always love her) so I don't really have anyone to share the enthusiasm with. I'm obssesed with the upbeat tempo that UGH has - it just puts the biggest smile on my face. Play it and I dare you not to dance.

I'm Freeeee
On Thursday I finished work for the year! *breaks into song and dance*. On my last day we had to finish next month's edition of the magazine and get it to the printers so as I cleared up my desk and set foot outside the relief that swept over me was like no other. Roll on a week of unadulterated Christmas festivities! 

I nabbed this range from the cupboard at work as I'd heard loads about the brand but as it's not easily available on our shores (only selected salons and online retailers) I just hadn't gotten my hands on it yet. This range is especially for thick and porous hair like mine and promises to make hair soft and smooth without sulphates, parabens or phthalates. After I used the three products (pre-shampoo treatment, shamps and conditioner) my hair was so soft and easy to detangle and to top it off smell like a greek goddess. I will have to purchase when they run out but the price makes me cry. 


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