Thursday, 21 January 2016

Bobbi Bobbi Instant Detox Mask - Review

Huge fans of clay face mask rejoice, there is a new one to add to the mix and I'm telling you from the get go - it's a good'un.

Let me start by letting you know my skin type, which I don't think I've stated on here before. It's combination (oily congested t-zone normal, if a little sensitive, everywhere else) and I get hormonal outbreaks on my chin and temples. Sexy. This is why I'm such a fan of clay masks as their sole purpose is to draw out imperfections and deep cleanse the skin.

When I heard Bobbi Brown was launching three new masks the Instant Detox Mask was the one I was the most excited about as it's the type of mask I know I need for my skin type.

The packaging - It comes in a metal tube - enough said.

The formula - It's a lovely consistency, and is ease to apply, I applied mine with my Bobbi Brown foundation brush for accuracy and it's less messy but with your finger is fine too! The way it sets is great because it does dry down like all clay masks but not so hard that when you laugh and talk it's not like you've lost feeling in your face! I also LOVE the smell, it's not heavily-scented but gives of a subtle spa-like scent which is very calming and relaxing.

The result - After I removed the mask easily with a warm, wet flannel, my skin felt so baby soft and not stripped at all. I cannot recommend this mask enough especially for an oily t-zone. 

Now I just need to buy the other two...

The Bobbi Brown Masks are available now from


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