Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Cinnamon-Nut Baklava

Cravings are weird things, they creep up on you when you least expect it and make you do crazy things like rush to Sainsbury's and buy three rolls of filo pastry. 

The word craving is normally associated with pregnancy, granted, but I assure you this cooking creation was spawned from nothing but the empty longing in my stomach from a baklava-shaped food baby. I am not pregnant just perpetually guided by my increasing sweet tooth. 

Considering this was my first foray into pastry, I was pleased with the way it turned out. I followed this recipe from Natasha's Kitchen, only tweaking it slightly when I realised that I didn't have enough filo sheets so instead of layering 10/5/5/5/5/10 as suggested, I did 8/4/4/3/4/8 (this'll make sense soon enough).

The finished product was a bit less sticky than proper baklava and tasted a bit like apple strudel even though I didn't put any apple in there - I did enjoy it though, as did all the others that tasted it so I'd call that a result. 


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