Tuesday, 5 January 2016

D.I.Y - Easy Photo Garland

The New Year. It’s the time of year when things need shaking up and changing around, annoying because as much as I want to get things done I also -

a. Am poor after Christmas/My Birthday/New Year celebrations
b. Am in a hellish lull after returning to normality post-Christmastime 

However, my bedroom was in need of a little added décor. Since I’ve been working from home part-time I spend more time in my room than ever (my desk is in there, I’m no dosser), so I was in need of a few additions to make it an even better environment to work in. 

I ordered these Polaroid-style prints from Photobox in December and while I kept some for framing, I figured should try displaying photos in different ways around the room so it didn’t look to samey. That’s when I decided on an easy-peasy photo-garland. I mean, nothing makes you feel more DIY-ready than a quick browse on Pinterest. 

After a quick stop at Hobbycraft (a personal favourite of mine) I was sat with a stack of photos, fishing wire, washi tape and mini wooden pegs. That’s all you need. 

First off, decide how many photos you want on each garland and how many garlands you want in your space – I chose 5 photos on each garland and cut the wire to about a metre long. 
Take a bit of time to straighten out the wire, as it will be tightly coiled.
Next, decide the order you want the photos and get sticking. I used the washi tape to attach the photo to the wire, as the pegs grip won’t last as long as you think. Then simply attach the mini peg in the middle of the photo for a cute if meaningless effect. 

Leave a space of about 2 inches between the photos and then snip off any excess wire (remember to leave a bit of room to stick the edges up!) 

 Finally, just hang up in your desired place using washi tape to secure it to the wall. I love using the washi tape as when your bored of it you can just unpeel it without leaving a trace. If you like, you could use the tape to create a cool border/frame thingy if you’re feelin’ extra-Pinteresty.


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